History of Cheung Ying False-Eye Research

Cheung Ying False-Eye Research (CYFER) ,  began working with  prosthetics in 1982. After receiving a Fine ocular prostheses technology from Kyushu University, We obtained a certificate in Clinic Registry (The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) in 1983.

We have finished over 600 custom ocular prostheses cases on 1996, we need to increase production efficiency to create more precise quality  , it's really anxious to build-up a technique research department  , so , two special mechanical engineer was been inauguration on 1997, who support our ocularist to feasible the idea of great originality.

Today, we abreast of the latest developments and technologies in Ocularistry. We has been trained to provide you with specialized services in fabricating custom ocular and facial prostheses.


Some CYFER Patient comments:

  • "Wonderful - I couldn't wear my prosthesis without it"  C.K.Wong

  • "The most comfortable my prosthesis has ever felt" Michael.

  • "As a practicing registered nurse, I highly recommend CYFER"  Roselly. Tan.




       張瑩假眼研究院 (香港) ,  創院於一九八二年, 我們致力研發各種義眼製作技術, 並從日本九州大學醫學部 眼科學教室引入及交流義眼研製技術及成果, 我們於一九八三年首穫香港政府發出醫療美容診所執照.

      一九九四年, 我們為首家與國內政府醫院合辦義眼服務的境外機構, 令我們的服務網絡首度伸展致廣東省各地, 並與國內多間醫療機構建立了良好合作關係,也促進了國內義眼服務業的快速發展. 

      一九九六年, 我們己為第六百名單目或雙目失明者完成義眼訂製及矯形療程, 為了提高義眼品質, 及令義眼的製作流程更有效率, 我們特別增加了義眼制作研究部, 並加入兩位專業工程師, 為我們解決傳統義眼制作上的難題, 創製出新一代義眼標準, 為更多種類的病例回覆正常的外觀.

     二零零一年, 高精密度的義眼, 我們製作出由0.5mm厚度的高分子密度PMMA義眼, 同時可保留多至7層顏色分布, 令義眼在保持純貼服度下仍可擁有豐富的立體感, 為義眼業內的最高標準創下成績.

     今天, 我們已有過一千病例的臨床經驗, 並掌握各類先進義眼製造技術, 為所有單目或雙目失明人仕提供專業義眼或假皮訂製服務.



  • "我從未戴過這麼舒服的義眼, 如自身一部份一樣"  黃先生 

  • "很難想像沒有你們訂製的義眼我怎樣再自信地生活下去" , 陳先生

  • "以前連醫生都告訴我戴義眼一定會有分泌物,  試過你們的義眼後, 發現原來真的可以一點也沒有" . 鄧女仕